Human Impact

Human Impact

In 2004 The Nature Conservancy (TNC) created a Conservation Area Plan (PDF) for the Blanco River basin. This plan identified elements of concern (PDF) including the status of riparian forests, habitats within canyon systems, upland grasslands, savannas, and shrublands. Habitat preservation for endangered and threatened species is also of concern.

The following species living in the Blanco River basin are among those listed as endangered or threatened:

  • Golden-cheeked warbler
  • Black-capped vireo
  • Speckled chub
  • Texas shiner
  • Guadalupe bass
  • Cagle’s map turtle
  • Headwater catfish
  • Swamp rabbit
  • Texas horned lizard
  • Granite spiderwort

Reported basin stresses were:

  • Excessive wildlife herbivory
  • Incompatible Vegetation management
  • Commercial and Industiral Development
  • Unsustainable Grazing Practices
  • Incompatible Fire Managemant
  • Mechanical Clearing of Forest Understory
  • Increased Impervious Cover
  • Unsustainable Fertilizer, Pesticide, Herbicide Use
  • Dams and Ponds
  • Invasive and Exotic Species