Mammal Identificaiton:

Mammal Possum DidelphimorphiaDidelphimorphia Mammal Armadillo XenarthraXenarthra Mammal Shrew InsectivoraInsectivora Mammal Bat ChiropteraChiroptera
Mammal carnivoraCarnivora deerArtiodactyla Mammal Squirrel rodentiaRodentia Mammal Rabbit LagomorphaLagomorpha

At least 55 species of mammals have been recorded in the Blanco River Basin including coyotes and foxes (Odell, Theobald, and Knight 2003). Common names for other species of mammal include the following:

• Swamp rabbit

• Common raccoon

• Pocket gopher

• Nine-banded armadillo

• Ring-tail or ring-tailed cat

• Bobcat

• Rock squirrel

• Javelina

• Striped skunk

• White-tailed deer