Reptile Identification:

 Order Crocodilia Order Crocodilia  Order Caudata- Amphibians Order Squamata  Order Squamata-Reptiles Order Testudinata

As human activity and a potentially changing climate continue to limit reptilian habitat range, increased management and protection of suitable habitat areas within the basin will become important.

A wide array of snakes, lizards, frogs, toads, and turtles can be found in the Blanco River Basin, including the threatened Texas horned lizard and Cagle’s map turtle.

In 2005, two Texas State University scientists, in cooperation with the Texas nature Conservancy, surveyed The Blanco River and found a small population of Cagle’s Map Turtles.  It is assumed that the population size of the turtle is limited by alternating flooding of the river, coupled with periodic drought and reduced flows in summer months.