soil by oxfam internationalPhoto by Oxfam International

The soils (JPEG) in the upper portion of the Blanco river basin are predominantly Houston-Black-Heiden-Altoga. These are clay based, deep, gently sloping and moderately alkaline.

Other soil-types in this area are Eckrant-Outcrop soils that are typically thin and overlying limestone, and silty-clay based Nuvalde soils.

Brackett-Purves-Real soils dominate the majority of the basin and are often characterized as thin, nutrient poor and stony.

The terminal portion of the basin is primarily composed of Comfort-Rumple-Rock Outcrop soils associated with hilly and steep terrain overlying limestone (National Resource Conservation Service Soil Surveys).

Deep calcareous, clay based Meguin-Trinity-Degola soils are also found in the lower portion of the basin (Plum Creek Watershed Partnership 2008).